Discontinued Products

Absolute Measurement will always strive to support its customers in the best way possible, so if you have an obsolete product and require advice please contact us.

Discontinued Products

Please note we no longer support or supply the below products.

Our discontinued products are listed as follows:

TA Amplifiers

  • A2713 (TA-SDR10V Mains)
  • A2713U (Ultra TA-SDR10V Mains)
  • A2715 (TA-SLTR10V Mains)
  • A2723 (TA-SDR10V 24V DC)
  • A2723U (Ultra TA-SDR10V 24V DC)
  • A2724 (TA-SDR20mA 24V DC)
  • A2724U (Ultra TA-SDR20mA 24V DC)
  • A2725 (TA-SLTR10V 24V DC)
  • A2725US (TA-SLM-SLTR10V 24V DC)
  • A2733 (TA-FDR10V Mains)
  • A2735 (TA-FLTR10V Mains)
  • A2745 (TA-FLTR10V 24V DC)
  • A2749 (TA-FDR10V 24V DC)

All variants of ICD / PC / PM / MC / WC Controllers, commonly known as our ‘Blue Box’ Controllers.