Absolute Measurement supply a variety of amplifiers for the converting industry. From analogue to digital, with or without a display and either Din mounted or panel mounted. All our amplifiers are available to buy in the Absolute Store, if you can’t find what you are looking for or require a specific quote please contact us.

Absolute Measurement – Advance Range

The all new for 2021 Advance Range AO80xx is a range of all digital Din rail mounted amplifiers compatible with all transducers known to Absolute Measurement.

The 24Vdc amplifier is programmable via a comms port on the front or via the buttons and the digital display.

Featuring: Adjustable gain, clear digital display, slim and compact profile, ease of programming.

Available in three versions:

  • AO8050 (Standard)
  • AO8051 (Total / Left / Right)
  • AO8052 (Total / Left / Right and additional communication board)

The AO8050 comes as standard with a single channel load cell input, RS485 comms terminals and a variety of outputs including
0-10V, ±0-10V and 4-20mA.

The AO8051 has all the above features and includes an additional (dual) channel load cell input enabling independent feedback from a pair of transducers, the digital display is capable of displaying separate mV feedback as well as the total feedback.

The AO8052 has all the above features with the addition of an extra communication board for Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet.


Letix 400mV Version

The Letix range (400mV Version) of amplifiers are specifically designed for Absolute Measurement enabling compatibility with the Cleveland Kidder Ultra line and Classic Line range of semi-conductor strain gauges.

Available in four versions:

  • A8011 (INT4-L-ANV-0-0-R-AC-400mV)
  • A8012 (INT4-L-ANI-0-0-R-AC-400mV)
  • A8021 (INT4-L-ANV-0-0-R-DC-400mV)
  • A8022 (INT4-L-ANI-0-0-R-DC-400mV)

The above versions are combinations of AC (110V-240V supply) or DC (24V Supply) and ANV (0-10V output) or ANI (4-20mV output).

Cleveland Kidder® Ultra and Classic Line

The Cleveland Kidder ® Ultra and Classic Line of amplifiers are 24V supply, analogue, Din mounted units.

Available in four versions:

  • A0336 (MWI-13466 Classic Non-Isolated)
  • A0336U (MWI-13262 Ultra Non-Isolated)
  • A0337 (MWI-13467 Classic Isolated)
  • A0337U (MWI-13261 Ultra Isolated)