Service & Repair Centre

Absolute Measurement also offers service and repair on transducers via the Repair Centre an in-house department. Utilising our engineers long standing experience in the tension industry.

Why use the Absolute Measurement Service & Repair Centre?


Transducers are designed to be reliable and durable in an industrial environment however due to their construction they must be allowed to convert variable mechanical movement into a variable electrical signal. At this point of movement dust seals are used to protect the internal electronics of a transducer.

Some applications mean that the transducers can be exposed to high levels of foreign bodies in an atmosphere which can penetrate the dust seals, resulting in the internal electronics being affected.

A service will clean the exterior and interior of the load cells, replace missing or perished seals and auxiliary missing components. We then check to ensure the transducers are operating within the correct tolerances before we dispatch them back to our customers to ensure their accuracy.


A number of repairs can be carried out on the transducers we supply including, short circuits, connectors (bent pins), rebodied, new internal electronics.

A transducer can have a damage beam if it has been over-strained, resulting in new internal electronics being required.  A simple test can be carried out to confirm this, please check in our manuals for the correct ohms resistance and between which pair of wires, then using a multimeter measure the resistance between each specified pair of wires to compare values.

Contact the Repair Centre

If you would like to discuss a service / repair requirement with us please contact:

Please do not send repairs to our business premises, following a quote we will notify you where to send your equipment to.