Absolute Measurement supplies stand-alone controllers or as part of a larger system with multiple tension control elements a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) can be used. All our stand-alone controllers are available to buy in the Absolute Store, if you can’t find what you are looking for or require a specific quote please contact us.


The DGT300+ is our upgrade for the no longer supported ‘Blue Box’ range of controllers from CMC Controls.

The DGT300+ provides a complete all in one PID controller including:

  • 24V mains supply
  • Built in amplifier (with 5V excitation for semi-conductor strain gauges)
  • 1x PID loop control with two different loop profiles
  • Manual Setpoint input
  • Logic inputs
  • Line speed input (0-10V or Tacho/Pulses)
  • Diameter value input
  • Clutch outputs
  • Alarm outputs
  • Output for drive control (0-10V)
  • Output for various controller information

This powerful unit is perfect for single use applications of tension control and utilises Absolute Measurement’s various application software configurations. With our technical support this ensures a correct setup is achieved.



The Unwind position is normally found at the start of the converting line and consists of a free roller and a pneumatic brake or a magnetic clutch / brake.

In this position the controller utilises transducers down stream to acquire tension feedback and adjusts the clutch / brake to increase or reduce tension to match the required tension setpoint.


The intermediate position is typically found in the middle of a converting line and consists of a driven roller controlled by an inverter.

In this position the controller is fed the overall line speed and it can use transducers either up or down stream from its position as tension feedback, the controller will then ensure the driven roller operates at the line speed, plus or minus a trim factor to achieve the required setpoint tension.


The Rewind position is usually found at the end of the converting line and consists of a driven roller controlled by an inverter.

In this position the controller relies on transducers up stream for tension feedback, line speed can be added to ensure accurate tension can be achieved early upon start up and to prevent ‘telescoping’ a diameter sensor can be utilised to feed back into the controller.


Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s)

At Absolute Measurement we may suggest a PLC is required for an application, this may be because one of or a combination of the following reasons:

  • Multiple PID loops or tension points on the line to be controlled.
  • Multiple parameter sets due to a variety of products.
  • An in-depth level of integration is required.
  • Overall reduced cost and complexity of the integrated solution.
  • Reduced cost of future expansion.

We can use a range of PLC’s, languages and hardware specifications to ensure compatibility of existing systems. The selection process will be discussed on a customer to customer basis.